News from the Zillertal Arena

Standing still is going backwards. For this reason, the Arena cable car companies are not resting on their laurels, but have set themselves ambitious goals for the next few years: long-awaited projects will be implemented in the coming months, which will not only represent milestones in the development of products and services in the Zillertal Arena, but will also have a positive impact on the entire region.

New from Winter 2023/24: 10er-Gondelbahn Wilde Krimml

The connection between Zell and Gerlos will be more comfortable, more efficient and much more attractive in the future.

Subsequently, the Krimml-X-Press connecting cable car will transport guests quickly and safely directly between Zell and Gerlos as a 10-seater gondola with high stability against the wind and no stops. The spacious gondola cabins will be equipped with heated seats for even more comfort here too. The planning not only relied on state-of-theart ropeway technology from LEITNER, but also made an architectural statement in collaboration with the internationally renowned Snøhetta architects’ firm.


  • Area: Zell am Ziller/Wilde Krimml
  • 10-seater cable car with heated seats
  • 2.400 persons/hour capacity
  • direct routing without middle station
  • fast and comfortable connection between Zell and Gerlos, independent of weather conditions
  • Completion in winter 2023/24

10er Gondelbahn Wilde Krimml

Construction Update July 2023

10er Gondelbahn Wilde Krimml

Construction Update October 2023

10er Gondelbahn Wilde Krimml

Construction Update November 2023

10er Gondelbahn Wilde Krimml

Bau Update September 2023

10er Gondelbahn Wilde Krimml

Rescue exercise Wilde Krimml

10er Gondelbahn Wilde Krimml

Opening 7th December 2023

New from Winter 2023/24: 6-seater chairlift Mitterleger

Even more comfort awaits guests in the Königsleiten area from winter 2023/24 on. The fixed-grip Mitterleger 2-seater chairlift makes way for a comfortable detachable 6-seater chairlift with hood and seat heating. The new 6 CLD-Mitterleger chairlift can transport up to 2,000 people per hour from approx. 1,772 meters to approx. 2,151 meters in 4.35 minutes.

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