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With 150 kilometres of slopes and 52 state-of-the-art cable cars and lifts, the Zillertal Arena is the largest ski area in Zillertal. Here you can get the latest information about the open lifts in the Zell, Gerlosstein, Gerlos, Königsleiten and Hochkrimml areas. So you can enjoy your ski holiday in Zillertal well informed.

ski area

total open facilities: 51 / 52
last update, Wed 13.03.2024
142 / 150
of slopes
Drag lifts
Verbindung Zell am Ziller - Gerlos
Verbindung Königsleiten - Hochkrimml
Verbindung Königsleiten - Gerlos
in preparation

Zell am Ziller

last update, Wed 13.03.2024
Cable cars and lifts
13 / 13
Rosenalmbahn 1
Rosenalmbahn 2
Karspitz X-Press
Hanser X-Press
Karspitzbahn 1
Karspitzbahn 2
Kreuzjoch X-Press
Plattenanger I
Plattenanger II
Kreuzwiesn X-Press
23 / 24
10 Zell am Ziller - Talabfahrt
11 Zell am Ziller
12 Zell am Ziller
13 Zell am Ziller
14 Zell am Ziller
14a Zell am Ziller
15 Zell am Ziller
16 Zell am Ziller
17 Zell am Ziller
18 Zell am Ziller
18 Zell am Ziller
19 Zell am Ziller
19a Zell am Ziller
19b Zell am Ziller
19c Zell am Ziller
19d Zell am Ziller
20 Zell am Ziller
20a Zell am Ziller
21 Zell am Ziller
21a Zell am Ziller
22 Zell am Ziller
Skiweg Rosenalm
Skiroute Kreuzwiese
Umfahrung Karspitzbahn
Cross-country trails
Arena Loipe (klassich)
Bäckenfeld Loipe
Bräufeld Loipe
Unterberger Loipe
Zellbergeben Loipe
Infrastructure and other offers
Arena Coaster
Action-Park Kreuzwiese
SkiMovie Strecke Zell
Speed Check Strecke Zell
Winterwanderweg Astachhof (Gerlosberg)
Winterwanderwege Zell am Ziller
Winterwanderweg Zillerpromenade
Winterwanderweg Gerlosstein


last update, Wed 13.03.2024
Cable cars and lifts
13 / 14
20 / 22
31 Gerlos
31a Gerlos
31b Gerlos
32 Gerlos
33 Gerlos
33a Gerlos
34 Gerlos
35 Gerlos
36 Gerlos
36a Gerlos
37 Gerlos
38 Gerlos
38a Gerlos
39 Gerlos
40 Gerlos
40a Gerlos
40b Gerlos
41 Gerlos
42 Gerlos
Gerlos Übungswiese (Haberl)
Gerlos Kinderland (Arena Center)
Skiroute Isskogel Talstation
Cross-country trails
L2 Schönachtal Loipe
L3 Lackenalm-Loipe
L4 Höhenloipe Lackenalm - Issalm
L1 Innertal - Funsingau Loipe
L2,5 Verbindungsloipe Schönachtal
Infrastructure and other offers
Snowpark Gerlos
SkiMovie Strecke Ebenfeld-X-Press
Kids Speed Check Strecke Ebenfeld-X-Press
Rodelbahn Krummbachtal
Winterwanderweg Gerlos
Winterwanderweg Gerlos Schwarzachtal
Winterwanderweg Gerlos Wimmertal
Winterwanderweg Gerlos Krummbachtal
Winterwanderweg Gerlos Schönachtal
Winterwanderweg Gerlos Wildgerlostal - Stausee Durlaßboden
Winterwanderweg in die Finkau


last update, Wed 13.03.2024
Cable cars and lifts
10 / 10
Dorfbahn Königsleiten 1
Dorfbahn Königsleiten 2
Märchenwald Babylift
19 / 19
51 Königsleiten - Abfahrt Dorfbahn
51 Königsleiten - Abfahrt Dorfbahn
51a Königsleiten Abfahrt Dorfbahn
52 Königsleiten Larmach
52 Königsleiten Larmach
52a Königsleiten Larmach
52b Königsleiten Larmach
52c Königsleiten Larmach
53 Königsleiten - Abfahrt Gipfelbahn
53 Königsleiten Hochalmkar
53a Königsleiten - Abfahrt Gipfelbahn
53a Königsleiten Hochalmkar
54 Königsleiten Mitterleger
54 Königsleiten Mitterleger
55 Königsleiten - Abfahrt Sonnwendkopf
55 Königsleiten - Abfahrt Sonnwendkopf
55a Königsleiten - Abfahrt Sonnwendkopf
55b Königsleiten - Abfahrt Sonnwendkopf
60 Königsleiten Müllach
Cross-country trails
Loipe Wald
Infrastructure and other offers
SkiMovie Bordercross Strecke
Höhenwanderweg Königsleiten
SkiMovie Strecke Königsleiten Gipfelbahn
Speed Check Königsleiten Gipfelbahn
Rodelbahn Wald
Rodelbahn Königsleiten
Winterwanderwege in Wald/Königsleiten
Rundwanderweg Speicherteich Königsleiten


last update, Wed 13.03.2024
Cable cars and lifts
10 / 10
Filzstein Tellerlift
Filzsteinbahn "Speedy"
Duxer 6er-Bubble
Plattenkogel X-Press I
Plattenkogel X-Press II
17 / 17
70 Hochkrimml X-Press I
71 Hochkrimml X-Press II - Die Panorama
72 Hochkrimml X-Press II Abfahrt
73 Hochkrimml Platten Schlepper
74 Hochkrimml Platten Schlepper
75 Hochkrimml 6-er Bubble Waldabfahrt
76 Hochkrimml 6-Bubble
77 Hochkrimml Duxer 6-er Bubble
78 Hochkrimml 6-Bubble
79 Hochkrimml Duxer Waldabfahrt
80 Hochkrimml Duxer 4er
81 Hochkrimml Duxer 4er
82 Hochkrimml Filzstein Speedy Waldabfahrt
83 Hochkrimml Speedy Abfahrt
84 Hochkrimml Filzstein Tellerlifte Übungspiste
85 Hochkrimml Handlalm
86 Hochkrimml Handlalm
Cross-country trails
Höhenloipe Hochkrimml
Infrastructure and other offers
Funpark Gerlosplatte
SkiMovie Strecke Hochkrimml
Speed Check Hochkrimml
Rodelbahn Krimml
Winterwanderweg Gerlosplatte
Winterwanderweg Krimml


last update, Wed 13.03.2024
Cable cars and lifts
5 / 5
4 / 5
1 Gerlosstein
1a Gerlosstein
2 Gerlosstein
3 Gerlosstein
4 Gerlosstein
Infrastructure and other offers
Rodelbahn Gerlosstein
Snowtubing Gerlosstein

FIS rules for conduct on the slopes

Whether you’re big or small, a leisurely skier or racer – a helmet not only looks good and keeps you warm, but it also provides crucial protection in accidents and all kinds of collisions. A helmet is not mandatory but anyone who has “brains” should also protect them!

  • Respect other skiers and snowboarders.
  • Control your speed and skiing or snowboarding style.
  • Choose your route so as not to endanger others.
  • Leave enough space when overtaking.
  • When starting a marked run, restarting or moving upwards on the slope, make sure that you are not endangering yourself or others.
  • Do not stop in narrow places or where visibility is restricted.
  • Only climb and descend the slope at the edge.
  • Respect all instructions, markings and signals.
  • In the event of an accident, everyone has a duty to help.
  • Everyone must exchange names and addresses in the event of an accident.

Safety comes first in the Arena

Preparation using winches & snowmobiles on the slopes
When your day on the slopes comes to an end (at 4.30 p.m.), the preparation of the slopes in the Zillertal Arena begins. Around 40 snow groomers are used at night to create the best piste conditions in the largest ski area in Zillertal. In some cases, winches are used for this purpose. It is therefore essential for your safety that you adhere to our opening hours. Snowmobiles and snow groomers may be in use at any time!

Behaviour in the event of an accident

  • Mark the accident site – protect the accident victim: Put skis/poles crossed in the snow about five metres above the accident site; talk to the accident victim
  • Organise help: Report the accident to the ski patrol, the ticket office or the nearest lift station. Or dial the alpine emergency number 140. The control centre will organise assistance.
  • Protection from the cold and first aid: Protect the accident victim from the cold and, if necessary, initiate first aid measures until the ski patrol arrives on the scene.
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